Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 21st

May 21, 2009
Samantha is first to greet me as my alarm goes off. I scratch her ears before rolling out of bed and getting dressed. Freya is slow to wake up, which is a bit unusual, but she is her happy self once I rub her belly. Valkrys didn’t sleep in my room last night, and was still sleeping on her dog pillow when I let the other dogs out. Outside on the rug, the boys cuddle up to me, and demon lays with his head on my lap, begging me to rub his belly, Freya does the same on my left side and Yukon buries his head in my chest, nearly knocking me over as I pet him. They are such loving dogs, each vying playfully with eachother for the best spot to gain my attention. Valkrys shows up at the door so I let her out. Freya takes to gently mouthing the boys’ muzzles in puppy fashion, egging them to play with her, but the boys want their morning luvin’s. After close to ten minutes with the fuzzies, and giving them biscuits I manage my first cup of coffee and go for a stint on the pc. Six thirty shower, dress, hair, teeth, pet the dogs, more coffee, get water and off to work, no wait, pet the dogs, then off to work.

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