Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30

<-Freya (6 months old jailbait)
May 30,
Had a good long morning luvin's session with the dogs, all six of them. Gave them all their morning biscuit and treats. Demon laid back to back with Freya, guarding her and her bone from all comers. It was interesting to see how protective of her he is, because normally I sit by her to keep the older dogs from stealing her treats. I guess Demon has taken on the responsibility of doing the same. When they were done, I then caught Freya chewing on the rug again. So, I got her one of the nyla-bones laying in the yard which she took and went to the outer porch to chew on it. But no sooner had she began contentedly gnawing on it then Yukon came by and stole her bone.

Shrugging to herself, she came back to the inner porch and began chewing on the rug again... So, I went inside and got a nyla-bone from the inside stash of dog toys and gave it to her. She chewed on it for almost ten minutes when Demon came by and stole her bone... Freya thought this was free license to go chew on the rug again.

This time I brought out a rope tug toy with lots of hanging fringy things, and she was delighted with this offering. She took it to the outer porch, but Yukon was out there, so she brought it back to the inner porch, and Demon decided to play tug-o-war with her. She thought it was great fun until he won and took off with the toy. Not willing to give up this marvelous toy that tasted like rug, she ran after him and they played keep-away and tug-o-war for some time. Even Yukon got in the spirit of the play, and chased them both when they had the rope toy, and Samantha just ran down to supervise. She doesn't play much, but she does think she's in charge of all.

Had a bit of a scare, as Valkrys was lieing down on her right side and couldn't get up. She started to panic, but I got to her in time and lifted her to her feet. Poor old girl. I think her right hip is still bothering her, and I'm afraid these might be her last days. She's lived a very long and happy life with us, though, 18 years is a long time for a mixed German Shepherd. She won't lie on her right side now, but did manage to lie down and get up again from her left side. I don't know how long that will last. I'm keeping my eyes on her to make sure she does not have another problem or panic attack.

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