Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 23rd

May 23,
Got up with the dogs, and had a hair band fall between my nightstand and my bed… Incidentally, this is where I keep my greatsword and my double-bitted axe, which on this early morning at 5:30 am, happened to be a bad thing. When I reached for it, I sliced my hand open pretty good on the point of the bearded axe. Not a good way to start your morning or a 3 day weekend. I used a pressure bandage to stop the bleeding and shrugged off the pain to take care of the dogs and waited for my son. We hooked up the 4-pack, and Freya was rearing to go! She didn’t want to wait for the older dogs, heh, she was so cute, pulling her little heart out before we even had her hooked up. She will make an excellent sled dog!
James and the dogs outdistanced me in short order, but not before each of them was christened in blood, my blood, I guess that makes them completely mine, heh. I caught up to them at the bridge where there was quite an issue getting them to turn around and come back. They kept tangling lines and I ended up putting Yukon and Samantha up front and having Demon and Freya on the wheel. This worked out the best yet, as Demon and Freya loved to run together, and Samantha and Yukon also made great running mates. Yukon is turning out to be the stronger leader, as Samantha loves to pull, and loves to please, Yukon is the thinker and philosopher, but he also listens to commands better. Samantha can be downright stubborn when she wants to. I guess that is why we get along so well, we are so much alike… lol.

It was really hot today, and I think Yukon and Demon were a little stressed in the heat. I had the fans on for them all day, but by the afternoon it was 89 and they weren’t taking it well. Neither of them has blown their winter coat yet, and I felt really bad for them, Samantha would come in, but Freya would not. I’m trying to figure out a way that I can bring in the boys when it is hot without them marking everything in sight. I put a kiddie pool up by the gate, but they won’t lay in it, they only drink out of it. I put Demon in it, and splashed him a bit, but he didn’t like that at all, so I let him shake it off. He seemed a bit cooler after though. Trying to figure out a way I can get the dogs misted or wet down when it is hot, so they can cool off. Maybe a sprinkler? Who knows?

When it was really hot, we gave them some ice cream, which seems to be their favorite treat. It also seems to cool them off a wee bit. James and I get a bowl and Jim gets a bowl to share out to the dogs (since he can’t eat it himself). They love him for it, heh.

Freya now comes to me to be petted every time I step outside. This makes me happy considering how shy she was when we first got her. She is so pretty with her black and white markings and soulful blue eyes. She’s getting to be quite the character too. Her buddy is Demon, they share almost everything and play together all the time.


  1. Yeowch about your 'war-wound' and you're really getting into the swing of things now.

    Your love for your furry kids shines through in your writing and each of them definitely seems to have their own personality - fab stuff, Aleeha. :)

  2. Thanks yeah, my hand is still recovering. I thought about stitches, but it was the weekend and I really didn't think it warranted a hospital visit (plus I hate hospitals). Being certified in first aid has its benefits. I was able to take care of it and ensure it did not get infected, and I'm a very fast healer.