Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29th


Didn’t get in until around 1am in the morning, but spent some time greeting the dogs before going to bed. Samantha and Freya were eager to get settled in my room for their sleeptime. Turned off the alarm and went to sleep. Freya woke me at 6am with a whine to go out. I pet her and told her she was a good girl for waking me. She has taken to being housetrained incredibly quickly, in fact, rather astonishingly; she has only gone in the house a total of 3 times since she was brought indoors.

So I got up and opened the curtains so I could open the door to let them out, but G’Kar couldn’t wait that long and started barking eagerly to go out. This of course, woke James up, and probably Jim, but he didn’t get up. I sat outside with the dogs and asked James to come out and socialize with them, as I was still very tired and wanted to get some more sleep. I also asked him to give the dogs their morning biscuits before going back to bed.

I woke back up at 8am to the sound of James. Ah well… As soon as I started getting dressed, though, G’kar was whining at the door. He had already been outside, so I figured he wanted my company. I let him in and pet and hugged him, but it took a few minutes for him to put on his husky smile. If only he would understand that other dogs doesn’t mean I love him less, but I think he got the idea.

Cold water makes mom grumpy in the morning…. James had used up most of the hot water already. That, and no coffee, someone had left the pot on all night, and there was nothing but sludge in the bottom… What is this, Monday or Friday? Sigh…

Gorgeous day though, hate to spend it inside, so I take every opportunity to wander out to the door of the warehouse and dream about being home. Not much activity today, thank goodness. Where I work is an ex-crime lab/now home for the tech wing. It’s really a great place to work with a fun bunch of folks to work with. Having a good working environment makes all the difference in the world. I’m very happy here and hope this job will last.

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