Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 24

May 24,
Got the dogs out and hooked up before 8, but the cart had a flat tire. Sigh. We ran them anyway, up and down the road pulling only the cart. James had a tough time keeping up, but well, that’s James. It got pretty warm again, so we gave the dogs ice cream around 2pm, and Jim decided he was going to have a spoonful, and has been regretting it ever since. Fool knows, he’s allergic to lactose…not just intolerant, but allergic in the worst way. He gets an internal rash through his intestines until it all comes out… That’s if it doesn’t wind him up in the hospital… again…

Ah well, he's learned his lesson... again...

The dogs rest most of the day when we are not obedience training or socializing them. We keep them in the shade, and they love laying on the porch under the fans, except Yukon who likes to lay under the porch in the cool dirt.

Got Demon’s collar finished today, saw a really good no-slip design that would be ideal as Demon still doesn’t like to be walked by anyone but me. So, I took two large rings and one small, a 2” buckle and got to work on my leather bench. 3-4 hours of work and I had a good looking leather collar that was a limited slip collar that would not choke made especially to Demon’s size with a little room for growth as he fills out with the proper nutrition. Since I didn’t have any more antiquing (used the last of it to do Yukon’s new collar), I simply stamped his name in it, burnished the edges, and put it on him.

The rings jingling together made a bell-like sound and startled him at first, but after a while I think he liked the sound. He bounce-ran back and forth across the deck and the yard just to hear it jingle, a large grin on his face.

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