Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 26th

May 26, 2009
Woke up at 3am with Freya barfing on the floor. Poor puppy. I cleaned it up, scrubbed the floor and spent some time with her to make sure she was ok. Then went back to sleep only to have G’Kar whine outside my door… sigh. So, I debated going back to sleep when the 5am alarm went off.

Realistically I could sleep in until 6:30, but then I would never get anything done. I went outside with the dogs and Demon was shedding really bad, so combed him out some as I pet and socialized with them all. Short stint on the computer before work, SSS, and off to the grind.

Home with the pups, it is cooler out this evening, so there is some life in the yard. A deer ran by the back and they all ran along the fence. They are so amazing to watch, so swift, Yukon is an astonishing runner! I swear he only touches the ground 3 times running across the 200 yards of fence! One of these days, I’d love to let him cut loose and clock him on radar. He makes my old Afghan hound, Goldie look slow. (Goldie was something of a blonde bimbo, loved her to death, but man was she a stupid dog. So I guess it is reminisce time. Goldie came to us out of the woods half-starved. My mother coaxed her in with some hot dogs, and she decided to stay. Goldie was short for Golden Lady, what my mother named her. She was originally my sister Karen’s dog, but when she went off to college, Goldie became mine. I took care of her, walked her, brushed and clipped the mats from her fur, and cleaned up after her. She never really got the hang of being housebroken, which is probably the reason she was dumped out as a stray. I cared for Goldie for just over three years before I went in to the army. I told my mother I would be back for the dog as soon as I could, but my mother couldn’t wait that long and gave her away. That wasn’t the first dog she took away from me, but it was certainly the last!)

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