Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14th Miss Manners

We've started giving Samantha her treats last for the past couple of days and it has made quite a difference. She still tries to intercept, but there has been far less attempts to steal other dogs' treats.

Another thing we have done is I have taken to sitting with Freya and breaking up her biscuit into chunks. She seems much more inclined to eat it right away if it is broken up, so there is nothing for Samantha to try to steal later. This has gone a long way to patching their relationship, and Freya and Samantha were even licking each-other's faces pleasantly this morning. I praised them both for their amiable behavior and petted them.

Yesterday morning we ran out of biscuits, so I gave the dogs chewy treats in the evening and again this morning. This apparently wasn't good enough, and they bugged me all last evening for their biscuits, pushing the empty box around forlornly. Today Jim picked some up on the way home, and little freya whined and whined until they all got fed their biscuits. How much like little children!

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