Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20th Lots of Things Going On

This is what happens when one of my fuzzy blankets falls on the floor. I come home to this.

Thursday I ended up catching some bug, and Friday stayed home and worked from home. Saturday I was still under the weather, so didn't get much done that I wanted to and no training run. Sunday, I felt a lot better, and harnessed up the dogs only to have Demon get loose and go for a three hour tour of the countryside. We drove up and down the roads nearby searching for all that time. Poor Yukon and Freya were so disappointed, but Demon finally came home happy as a lark and full of burs. I did learn a valuable lesson in this, though. When I harness up the dogs from now on, and before I hook them up, I'm going to set them out on leads attached to the fence. That way I can bring them through the gate one at a time without worrying about one of them sneaking out.

Monday I ended up having to work as soon as I got home, hopefully today will be different. With fall in the air, the dogs are itching to run. Poor Freya has been whining wistfully at the gate.

I felt movement last night, and Samantha is filling out rather noticeably the last week. Friday she's going to go in for a checkup to make sure all is going well. Looks like sometime close to Thanksgiving for puppies. I have that week off, so hoping she'll wait until then, but duedate is around the 15th of November. We will hopefully get confirmation from the vet on the duedate.

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