Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7th

Demon seemed to be feeling much better this morning, but since he still seems not to be eating well, I fed him another mixed bowl of food last night and this morning. He ate every drop last night and all but about eight bits of kibble this morning.
Rained last night, so no training. A bit warm today for a training run with Samantha, Yukon and Freya, so will probably take them for a long walk tonight.
We hiked the mountain road up to the land for sale, and hiked up the hill in the woods to see the land, but my son decided he didn't want to continue through the wooded trail because he had worn his shorts and not long pants.... So, we hiked back down the hill, and back along the mountain road down to the old barn before turning back home. The dogs were very happy, and Freya kept trying to take me for a drag. She kept jumping and whining to go faster even though she wasn't in harness, she was all business, trying to run, not stopping to sniff and pee, although she did try to eat some horse and some deer droppings. Yuck!
She finally got the idea this was a fun walk and not a training session about 3/4 the way home. By then, my wrists were red from keeping the leash around them. Man that pup can pull! Demon was happy to be outside the fence, first time since last Wednesday. G'kar had been a real pain in the butt earlier, so we left him home. It was me with Demon and Freya and James with Yukon and Samantha.

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