Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27th Making Plans

Sat with the dogs outside for a while last night. The weather was georgeous, around 65 degrees and the fall colors and sounds were all around us. Off in the distance I could hear the call of a lonely whitetail buck and even further off possibly an elk. Birds were making themselves heard, and the squirrels were teasing and scolding my dogs for trying to catch them. It was very peaceful and refreshing after a tense and hectic week.

It is times like these that I let all worries seep from my mind, and contemplate the glory of Mother Nature. I marvel at the crisp fresh air, and how it lifts the wings of the birds to carry them aloft. The bright reds, oranges and yellows of the leaves are the living tapestry of her glory, a last tribute to the earth before the cycle of renewal. I love the smell of newly fallen leaves, the sweet-mapely smell energizes me and reminds me of seasons past. Fall has always been my favorite time of year, a time of harvest, a time of color and sound, a time of bounty and a time for old things to be remembered in order to bring forth the new. A time to honor those who have gone before, learn their wisdom and take a look inside your own soul.

Looking back on the roads traveled, it has been a long and hard journey frought with downfalls and setbacks at nearly every turn, but we've made it so far. Now we have come to the point in our lives where it is starting to get easier, and we have marvelous companions to share it with. I hope it lasts, but even through the worst of times, we have always reveled in the love we share between us (my husband and I), our son, and our fuzzy kids.

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