Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16th Play with me!

Yesterday while I was at work, Jim told me Demon was feeling a bit feisty, and decided he wanted some of the other dogs to come outside and play with him. So, he put his nose in the air and very loudly yelled "Come out and play!" only it sounded more like "Roo! Ahwrrr! Rooo roo roo!" to Jim. The other dogs looked at him funny, and went about their business. Not to be deterred, and deciding that a more direct approach was needed, he stuck his face in the dog door and tried again. "Roo! Ahwrrr! Rooo roo roo!" This garnered the response he was looking for.

G'kar yowled "Hey! You aren't supposed to do that!" And ran after him. This was an obvious invitation for the rest of the dogs to join in, and they all raced out the door, ran around the yard, tussled with Demon then came back in. Well this wasn't quite enough to satisfy Demon.

Sticking his head back in through the dog door he yelled: "Roo! Ahwrrr! Rooo roo roo!", to which G'kar again responded "Warf! Rawrg grrruf woof!" and away they all ran again.

Third time is a charm, and so Demon once again made his call: "Roo! Ahwrrr! Rooo roo roo!" "Warf! Rawrg grrruf woof!" and off they go.

Our boy Demon knows how to get what he wants.

On a more serious note, Valkrys had another episode this morning. I let the dogs out at 4am, then 6am and fed them their biscuits. When Valkrys came back inside, I fed them each a chew stick, but when Valkrys went to grab hers, she lost control of her back legs and seemed to have a partial siezure where she couldn't get back up and lost bowel control. Poor old girl. I cleaned her and the floor up, but this is very worrying. She has become increasingly more 'senile' this year, forgetting where she is, not letting anyone touch her but me, snapping at the other dogs when they brush against her. Unfortunately this seems to indicate she is nearing the end of our time together. As many of you probably know, she is 18 years, so she has had a good and long life.

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