Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6th

Spent most of the evening with Demon on the couch next to me. It was interesting to see him actually watching the TV. He always looks like he's talking too, mouthing words silently. I wish I could hear what he was saying. If ever there was a talking dog picture, they wouldn't have to use graphics for Demon, he 'talks' all the time, but only makes howls when asked, or to get my attention.

Gave him his last pain pill this morning, and hope that he's recovered enough not to need any more. I also spent some time petting Samantha's belly, much to her delight. Her nipples have enlarged slightly, and she's put on a tiny bit of weight, so I would say that either she's convinced herself she's pregnant and isn't (which I've known dogs to do on occasion), or we are having a small litter. A tester is on the list for this weekend.

Always more to buy or pay. It would be so much easier if we sold our house in NC, but the market still isn't there yet, even though it is gaining strength. I'm just grateful that is the only mortgage I have to pay at the moment. If anyone is interested in a small sportsman's getaway in the RTP area, leave me a note (bank appraised at 207k, priced at 170k 3br, 2.5 ba 2.5 acres in wakefield school district). Okay, enough of the shameless advertisement. ;-) The house we bought in KY, we did so with our retirement savings, and though we will have to pay taxes, and pay insurance monthly, at least it isn't another mortgage.

The dogs are getting restless, digging at the fence, which means we need to take another long hike to satisfy the adventuring spirit in them. Been building up a long list of 'multi-use' trails in the state, and hope to check out some of the nearer ones soon. Work has been so busy and the schedule is tight all the way to Christmas though... sigh. You'd think I'm working in retail and not for the government.

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