Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th Sigh of Relief

Demon has recovered nicely so far from his surgery. He is now not so much a he. He clung to me since we brought him home Friday, so though I took Freya and Yukon out on the bike individually, I pretty much stayed where I could watch and be with him. This morning he seemed a lot better, but was a bit groggy after giving him his painpill. One more for tomorrow then he's done. I was a bit worried as the area was quite red and a bit puffy when we brought him home. The swelling had gone down by this morning though, but I'll check him again carefully this evening. I'm not taking any chances with my cuddly bear. He's such a loveable boy, I couldn't stand to lose him.

Now he will be able to stay in the house no matter if the girls are in heat or not. Since Yukon is by far more controllable when they are in heat, we should have a much easier time of it when that time comes again.

Samantha is showing some minor signs, but not much at this time. I'm definitely going to have to invest in a pregnancy test for her to be 100% sure and to get her prenatal care if she is.

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