Monday, June 1, 2009

May 31st

May 31st,

Great weather for a run with the dogs! The inner tube we bought for the tire ended up having been changed out of the box! So the tube in the box was not what was labeled... sigh... So the tire is still flat and James is running beside the cart instead of sitting in it.

Freya didn't think this was nearly fast enough, and kept whining and jumping forward in the harness, trying her hardest to speed things up. She is so cute, and her and Demon work together VERY well. I only wish Yukon and Samantha were as eager to run beside each other. They both love running up front, but each of them wants to go their own way. We have a tie line that will put them together and I've been hesitant to use it, but might end up having to in order to keep them together. Yukon again, has been the best at listening to directions, and I think he will end up the lead dog if we get the dogs to the point of running for fun runs or competition.

He is a very smart boy, our Yukon. I began training him to sit and to stay, and it only took four times for him to get the idea to stay until I called him. I will begin training him with a longer lead for our next session.

Valkrys seemed ok most of the day, so maybe her leg just fell asleep? Her right leg has not been functioning well for some time due to arthritis, but she was able to lay down and get up several times, so I breathed a sigh of relief and hope for many more happy days with my old girl.

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