Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12th Lots of Stuff

This past week has been hectic, but spring has sprung, there are blooms everywhere, grilling out, mowing, girls still in heat, and an orchard to plant. Plus we placed a pup (Cat) which ended up coming back. They had a family emergency which left them in a position where they thought it best to bring him back. He's back with the pack, having fun and playing with his siblings and cousins, and we are glad to have him back.

Friday I took a day off to plant our small orchard and six shade trees for our kennel expansion. Hopefully next year we will have fresh fruits as well as some great shade from the poplar trees. Though the hybrid poplars grow fast, the fruit trees aren't as quick, so it may be two years before we see any fruits. On the planting agenda are cherry tomatoes and some flowering perennials.

Planning out the kennel expansion is going to be a bit different, plus we've finally decided on how to do a "hook-up" enclosure to be sure no stray pups get out while we are trying to hook up the dogs for a run.

Sunday we finally purchased a race-worthy mountain bike with front disk breaks, front shocks, and rear suspension shocks. I've also found a wildlife trail rather close to our house (10 minute drive) that I plan on hiking with the dogs to check its viability as a training trail. Failing that, I've found a sporting club nearby with miles of dirt road track. Hopefully they will be amenable to dogsledding/carting traffic.

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