Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th Outsmarted Again!

As much as Kirby is our Einstein with regards to getting what he wants, Xena is our Houdini with regards to keeping her confined. She has learned that the chicken wire I've laid down around the bottom of the fence has weaknesses, the joints can be separated (at this time), the fence pulled back out of the way and the digging out can resume. Last night, she took another "Girls Night Out", but fortunately I was home and we were all paying attention. Jim noticed that some of the pups had gotten out of the fence and we were able to round them up rather quickly and prior to any incidents. So, my next task is sewing the joints together....It never ends.
We had a visit from Moutain Forest Siberians owner and got to see his new puppy from Southern Spirit! He was a cutie, and after a few moments of shyness, warmed right up to all of us! One thing that struck me was his size compared to our puppies. Though he was five weeks younger, he was half the size of our smallest pup. People have told me how huge my puppies were, but it never really hit home just how big they really are until then. I could see it with a couple of pups from one litter or the other, but both litters?
The unlikelyhood of all the puppies in both litters being giants got me to thinking what has caused all my puppies to be larger than average especially when neither of my girls are overly large. Granted one of my boys is, but he only fathered one of the litters. It only stood to reason I was doing something vastly different for my pups than most other breeders, and that was to suppliment their feeding with cow milk mixed with puppy formula during weeks 4-10.
We don't plan to breed again for over a year and possibly two, but I'm thinking on an experiment and not supplimenting the next litter to see how much of a difference it makes.

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