Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2nd Kirby Einstein

Kirby is our cute little puffball, and when he's not busy playing with Silver, he is Mr. Personality. I think he should run for office. I mean, how many politicians do you know that when they can't reach a nice juicy hamburger will look across the kitchen, find a suitable chair, walk on their hindlegs and push the chair to the counter to get the hamburger? Usually they make a law that someone has to bring them a hamburger, and that someone has to work at minimum wage and pay for their own health benefits. Failing that, they will discuss the best method for decades on how to go about getting a hamburger, squander millions in taxpayer monies, and finally declare the effort not worth the money spent. (can you tell I've worked for the gvt?) Give him time, and Kirby would solve world hunger, or at least the growling in his stomach.

Did I mention Kirby is a smart little guy? Well, not sure if he has good taste, but he is smart and knows how to get what he wants. He doesn't always know that what he wants is not always a good thing. Kirby loves to follow me around (remember what I said about taste?), even when I go to take my shower. So I put him out of the bathroom, close the door, and get in once the water is warm. Kirby, though, thinks I'm doing something cool and he wants to be a part of it. Now you know what I mean about taste. Kirby tests the door, figures out how to open it, then saunters into the bathroom. He can barely see me through the frosted glass, but sniffs along the bottom until he finds a little crack between the outer casing and the glass door. He wiggles his nose into the gap until he has shoved the door partially open, puts his head in and shoves the door out of his way and jumps into the shower with me. Kirby then realizes he's getting wet and starts trying to lap water as it falls on him out of the air until his coat is sodden. Then he jumps out with more than a little prompting from me, shakes water all over the bathroom and happily strides off to find some other way to get into trouble.

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