Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6th Loose Ends

G'kar howls from the window by my bed (which means he's on my bed looking out).

Spent some more time working on the fence, finished the back and corner and laid down the chicken wire almost half way up the hill along the woodside fence. hopefully this will hold the dogs for a while.

Freya and Samantha are still in heat, and now little Buck is figuring out that he is a male dog and the hormones are driving him nuts. He thinks that anything on four legs is fair game, even Demon and G'kar. Of course, G'kar is having none of it, and Demon, well he's an odd dog. Samantha has done this to him often enough that he just stands there for little Buck. Unfortunately this means that Freya and Samantha are now forbidden to socialize with Kirby and Buck as well as Yukon. This has made Kirby and Buck very sad, and Yukon just a little frustrated. Poor boys, and their misery will begin again as our girl puppies go through their first heat. I'm praying that the girl puppies don't stimulate Samantha and Freya back in to heat, as that would make our lives almost too complicated to endure.
I hate to have to neuter Kirby and Buck, but it looks like that may be our only option to keep the peace.
Moon went to the vet today, and fortunately there does not appear to be any health issues as to her "Lazy Eye". We did, however, get a referral to a Canine Opthamologist that is close to an hour away where we will get her CERF tested. Hopefully we will be able to get all our unaltered dogs tested.
Our local vet does OHSA (?can't remember the exact nomenclature at the moment) testing for the registry though, and we have that on our agenda after tax season.

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