Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23rd Work for the Weekend

The girls are out of heat! WOOO HOOO! A little peace back in the household before the girl puppies go in to it. I had them out in the yard shaparoned and Cat and Yukon showed no interest. So it will be a couple of days of supervision just to make sure.

Freya has become a real house dog, and has only vestiges of her feral shyness left. She cuddles up to Jim and I on a regular basis now and you would think that she never had such a rough start in life. Cat has also settled back in very well, and we are happy that both are now well-adjusted happy dogs.

Buck and Kirby are both healing up well from their surgery, and have also started to like being indoor dogs. This morning I let them out in to the yard for about fifteen minutes with the girls and kept an eye on them to be sure they didn't get overzealous. They did very well, and were more than eager to come back in with Freya and Samantha. All the pups are becoming well-behaved as we work with them to get their house manners and learn the house rules (no chewing on furniture, no jumping up, no begging, asking to go out for their business, etc.). They are such good puppies, and sooo cute.

So on to the weekend, tasks are to finish up puppy-proofing the fence, bathe, brush, dental, nail clip, and primp Princess for her show training, take Freya and a pup (Moon, Ace, or Cat) out on a short bikejor and if I still have some time left, go check out the trails on the Wildlife Management Area nearby with Yukon and maybe Demon or Samantha (hiking).

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