Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st busy busy busy

I do have aspirations for retirement, time where there isn't something I HAVE to do every day. Until then, though, life is still 200mph every day. Yesterday our two boy puppies got snipped, and while Jim was returning from dropping off James at college, the rest of the puppies decided the weather was good enough for another outing. They tugged the chickenwire that I had not yet sewn to the fence out of the way, dug another hole, and took another holiday. So... guess what I was doing last night? Ya, sewing the rest of the wire to the fence. This is a very difficult task as all 7 puppies think it is their duty to assist me either by inspecting the fence, the wire, or the chicken wire, wiping the sweat from my brow with their tongues, and cleaning my glasses (also with said tongues). They also have to make sure the place I need to sit is comfortable enough for me prior to me moving there. If it isn't, they must jump on me in the urgency to let me know that there are uncomfortable pebbles, hummocks or sticks where I want to sit.

I make sure that I thank each puppy for their help in turn with a scratch behind the ear and a hug, which really makes the job take a lot longer, but much more fun than doing it alone.

Jim talked to the Handler/Trainer again and she let him know that next week she should be ready to start up some classes, so this weekend Princess gets a primping.

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