Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th

Training has pretty much been confined to walks with commands with both girls in heat. The boys obviously have other things than running on their minds, so I've been having to walk the girls separate from the boys. Samantha is in the last couple days of her heat, and Freya is in standing heat now, and has boys on her mind. Sometimes having only four pulling dogs has serious disadvantages.

Freya has picked up Gee and Haw so well, that I'll probably put her in lead next run with Yukon, and have Samantha and Demon at wheel. We'll see how that goes. Mornings have been pretty cool, but too dark to run, and evenings have been too warm and humid this past week. Hopefully I will have some time Saturday to run the whole team in the morning.

I think it would be really cool to make the fun run in NC in December, but seriously wondering if I will have the time. Damascus looks like a better bet, but it all depends on my work and whether or not Samantha's mating took. Will be testing her in the next few days to find out.

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