Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18

Freya was chillin' on the couch with me while Jim was folding laundry, and he happened to throw down a washrag by Freya. Thinking it was an opportunity for a new chew toy, she immediately grabbed the rag and dropped it between her paws with delight. Seeing his error Jim told her "No Freya!" Freya blinked, whined, and put her chin on the rag. As soon as he looked the other way, though, she put both paws on the rag, and gripped it with her teeth. "No Freya!" With a pouty huff, she put her head on the rag, then sighed deeply, keeping the rag firmly beneath her paws, but not chewing on it, and she began to complain to Jim in her soft low howl. "woooo.... woooo... a... wooo!"

It was sooo funny, we all laughed so hard, and could pretty much imagine her saying "Hey, you threw it down in front of me! It should be mine!"

James and I took the 4-pack and the Red Menace for a hike down to the forest trail and back. We took a garbage bag and picked up half a tall kitchen bag full of trash. Humans sure are messy critters.... But, I learned a couple of valuable lessons. #1, it is impossible to hold the trash bag still with 3 huskies pulling on the lead (James had the other 2). #2 It is impossible to get a good focused camera shot with same 3 huskies pulling on the lead. So, I'll have to take some pics of the forest trail when I have only one or two dogs with me.

Took Samantha and Freya down to the forest trail, but decided not to go down it because I found fresh tracks of a truck and did not want to disturb the hunt. Instead we went around the bend and down to the junction where the mini-railroad people live.

Here are some photos of around where we live:

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