Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9th

Chaos has reigned in the house for the last few days. Not only was Freya in false heat, but after the mating, Samantha went in to full pre-heat, then estrus heat. Well, guess we are having puppies. To top it off, this morning Freya went in to full pre-heat. Sigh...

Both Jim and James have been schooled on keeping Freya completely apart from the boys, no exceptions. She is still far too young!

She is a sweety though, and starting to settle in to a real cuddle bug like her father. She constantly wants my attention, now that she has been separated from Demon, her playmate. So I spend time petting her, reassuring her, and playing with her when I'm home. She loves the playtime most of all, and she's such a silly, loveable, energetic little girl!

I took both girls for a walk this morning, something three months ago would have been impossible. Freya had the long 25 foot lead and Samantha had the six foot lead. Happy little Freya kept jumping and dancing in front of Samantha who simply wagged her tail and watched the antics of the pup. They have come so far! Three months ago, Samantha would have lashed out at Freya, but now she sometimes even plays back.

One good thing about this episode is that now Samantha is also viewing G'kar as a potential mate and vice versa. Even though he's fixed, he and she have started to get along a lot better, even to the point of playing ever so slightly. Five months ago, they couldn't be in the same room. So amidst the chaos, there is an eddy of peacefulness moving in.

Freya has become a rising star for our team. She has incredibly mastered "Gee and Haw" at ten months, and puts Yukon and Samantha to shame in pulling and listening to directions. Saturday I took her out with the bike, along the forest trail up to the gate (we got permission to run the dogs on the trail from the owner last weekend) and back. She was so happy to be allowed to run that trail! It was all I could do to keep her at a reasonable speed to keep from bending rims on the bumpy gravel.

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