Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th

Managed to get in a bike run with Samantha Saturday before having to go in to work. I put the old cart harness on her, and though she pulled a little more than with the x-back, she still did not seem too enthusiastic. Since she may be in the early stages of pregnancy, I really didn't want to push her, but do want to keep her in shape enough that she doesn't have problems. In two more weeks, she will get her first pre-natal checkup to be sure she is doing fine.

Sunday I had a nasty headache most of the day, and spent some time resting and sleeping, getting nothing done that I wanted to over the weekend... ah well...

Once the evening temps die back down below 70, I'll get in a lot more training with them.

I had thought I could get in a run in the mornings before having to leave, but there just isn't enough light to run before I have to get ready for work. Been seriously thinking about creating a path to run on my land that will allow me to exercise the dogs a lot more without the danger of traffic. A couple of laps and cross-overs will give me enough to help train commands as well as exercise. It will be a bit tough as the majority of my land is on the side of a mountain, and none too level, which is one reason why that side of my property is wooded. It would make a very pretty run though, so it would be worth the effort. It will be a huge undertaking though, and I'll definitely have to fence out the neighbors and the nasty tempered dogs. So the investment will be huge and take some time to accomplish. Need to check on the zoning laws to see how close to the road I can take the fence (step 1).

Still need to finish the 8x8 shed for the lawn equipment, bike and cart. So much to do, so little time.

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