Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23rd Sleepless in Kentucky

Last night when I got home, I fixed up the boys' dinner and spent some time with them on the back porch. I love my boys, but they are wayyy fixated on Freya. But since it was raining I felt sorry for them not wanting to sleep in their dry doghouse or under the dry porch, so I washed them one by one and decided how to segregate them and the girls. Freya is another fussy puppy (G'kar is fussy puppy #1), and will only sleep in certain places and with certain other dogs.

I hoped she would be ok sleeping in Jim's room with Samantha, while I kept the boys in my room. Demon still is shy of Jim or James, and feels much more comfortable with me, so I had hoped all of us would be able to get some sleep. The dogs had other plans.

(A little explanation is in order at this point. Jim and I sleep in separate rooms mostly because I am a very light sleeper and any movement or noise wakes me up. 15 years never accustomed me enough to sleep through the presence and movement of another person, so we finally gave up on that notion after seeing me grumpy for 15 years of mornings. The last 6 years have been much more restful.)

Samantha was happy with this arrangement, as she got to sleep on Jim's cooshy pillow-top, while Freya was unhappy that she was not in my room or with her boys. She whined and kept Jim up, which in turn kept Demon up, who in turn decided that whining was bad and that mom could fix it. He kept jumping up on my bed and licking my face. At 2:00am G'kar decided he wanted in my room with the boys, so whined until he got let in. So much for my brilliant plan.

At 4:30, I decided enough was enough, got up, fed the boys, put them out and Jim came out to grouch at me. Okay, it was my plan, so I admitted my failure and he let the girls out of his room. Half an hour earlier, he had let them outside, so they weren't interested in going out, but made a bee-line for my room where Samantha jumped up on my bed, Freya curled up on the floor by my bed and both girls promptly went to sleep.

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