Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25th Chaos Takes a Holiday.

Ah, so nice to come home and relax for a change! Freya seems to finally have lost her chaos effect on the household. The boys were able to socialize with us and not be so amped up over pheramones to pay attention only to Freya. We were able to let them all be in the same room after ensuring that the boys were not fixated on her. Whew! What a wild month it has been! Thank goodness things are starting to go back to normal!

As I had hoped, though, some things have changed. G'kar and Samantha now get along well! Yep, the two who couldn't stand each other, now actually play together! Imagine that! G'kar still has his selfish moments, but there's no more posturing and growling at each other for no other reason than G'kar's possession of the food dish.

Even old Valkrys has gotten in the happy spirit and was trying to play with Yukon. Yukon danced around her, but was afraid of hurting the old girl even though she did the whole puppy dance (for an 18 year old dog to do this was quite astounding) in front of him. Ah... home sweet home again. Maybe I'll actually get some sleep this weekend? The rain hasn't let up since last Sunday, so there's not much else to be done. Tommorrow has forecasted more rain. I keep wondering when Noah is going to show up in the news building his arc.

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