Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22nd Hullabaloo!

So, I get up at 5am, let Samantha, G'kar and Valkrys out the back with the boys, get the leash and my socks and shoes and take Freya for a walk out front. I get maybe 200 feet from the front door when all hell breaks loose on the porch out back!

By the sound you would think the porch spontaneously exploded in a ball of flame and the dogs were being burned alive! Howls, yelping, shrill barks, the whole nine yards! I sprint to the back gate, my heart pounding a mile a minute to find all five dogs at the edge of the porch wagging their tails! WTF!? They did this on purpose! I know it! I just lost ten years of my life! I still have no idea what the fuss was about, but apparently no one was really injured unless poor Demon bumped his sore nose, but they all thought they'd cry like the dickens to scare mom to death! ALL of them....

So, seeing their smiling faces (I'm sure they were laughing at me, I just know it!), I continued my walk with Freya until she was happy and relieved.

Still suspicious I had missed some sort of catastrophic event, I checked each of the dogs carefully to see if there was a problem. The only thing I found was a dirty smudge on the top of G'kar's normally pristine white paw. All I could come up with was that he had caught his paw on something momentarily and panicked. G'kar is prone to panic, he's just that sort of dog, and all the other dogs heard him yelping and wanted to tell mom that G'kar was hurt, although he wasn't really... The only thing I could find that he might have possibly caught his paw in was the dog door with the cover snugged on it to keep the muddy paws from running in to the house. I'm not sure how he could have caught his paw in there, but that is the only explanation I could find.

One thing that did worry me is that it looked like Demon and Yukon haven't eaten much since the puppy incident and had lost a bit of the fatty muscle between their hips, enough that I could feel the backbone quite clearly. I went inside and mixed up a bowl of food with water and half a can of ground turkey dogfood for Demon since his nose was probably hurting enough to keep him from eating dry dogfood plain, and to be fair, I mixed the other half of the turkey dogfood with dry kibble for Yukon, and supervised their meal. Demon ate all of his, but Yukon ate only 3/4ths of his. Demon was more than happy to polish off the rest of Yukon's food, and I was happy to see him eat so well. I'll be fixing another bowl for them tonight when I get home.

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