Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ace chews/rests with her toy. That puppy is a happy little girl who amuses herself most of the time, or plays with the others. When she is sleepy though, she will grab the nearest toy and settle down with it, gnawing on it until she falls asleep.

It amazes me how nice both Samantha and Freya are to each other and each other's puppies during this time. I guess the pack mentality is really forming strong bonds, and I'm happy. Even Samantha's puppies are learning to take it easy on the younger Freya puppies. Christmas in particular has become a great playmate and cousin for Freya's pups, as she has learned to be gentle with them and generally plays well with them. She is allowed free reign in Freya's enclosure, and we only need to remind her once in a while that she is too big to suckle on Freya.

All of Samantha's pups have displayed keen intelligence, and I'm very happy with their development. They are all getting very well socialized with people, with their siblings and cousins. Freya's pups are just starting to show some personality and becoming socialized. They are still quite a bit behind Samantha's but it is amazing to me that the bigger pups are as big as Samantha's. Brownie is almost the size of Mitu, and almost as heavy! He's going to be a very big boy! Kind of odd that he is not shaping up to be dominant, that seems to be going to Face, the runt. Mitu is definately the alpha puppy in Samantha's litter, and never loses an opportunity to show the other puppies her dominance.

While Jim took James to college this morning, Samantha knocked the gate over and let all the pups loose in the house. He found six of them sleeping under the dining room table, but one was missing. In a panic he looked all over, but could not find Squeaker. He called me but I was on a conference call with customers and could not answer the phone. While he was on the phone, he noticed Demon out on the porch, laying at the front of his igloo with his face inward. Knowing this was very unusual for Demon, he went out to see what was up only to find a cold and shivering Squeaker (it was 11 degrees this morning) curled up next to him in his doghouse. Demon had corralled his daughter and kept her safe and warm in his house once she had managed to get out the dog door. What a good daddy! From now on, the dog door block goes in before Jim leaves the house.

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