Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd The Great Outdoors!

Squeaker has learned a new trick! She figured out earlier how to get out of the dog door. This morning, she learned how to get back in on her own! She loves going potty outside, and this is the beginning of a beautiful training opportunity. It's great when a dog's natural wants coincide with what you want! She's a good little pup! She comes when called (except when she is really sleepy and already settled in), and sits when asked to. I really love that little girl!

It was amusing to see Freya try to play with her this morning. Squeaker has also learned a trick from the Red Menace, the "Leave me Alone!" growl!

Freya was taken aback! "What? What did you say to me?"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" or more appropriately: "ROARWR!" Man did she sound seriously mean! For such a tiny delicate pup, to hear such a noise was a bit scary. It worked though and Freya found another pup to pick on, namely Moon.

Moon quickly learned that Freya is not so fast at crawling under the bed. She would race around the room to get Freya's attention, then dive under the bed and laugh when Freya tried to follow. She would quickly crawl out the other side leaving a half annoyed Freya to shimmy back out from under the bed, as she couldn't fit under the lower footboard opening, only the sides.

The pups love playing in my room! They have traction! Man can they run! I can't wait until they are old enough to put in harness, especially Moon! She is a running little pup! Zoom, zoom, zoom, she makes me tired just watching, and she keeps it up for a good hour before finally laying in to the water and food. With a full belly she crawls under the bed for a snooze.

Okay, I admit, Squeaker does have a down side. She, well, she squeaks, or more appropriately screams bloody murder if she is awake, in the kitchen and she knows I'm home. I have created a spoiled little monster, and she knows if she screams loud and long enough I will eventually crave silence enough to pick her up, carry her around for a while so that she can decide on what to get in to, then let her go make trouble. I think though, that if she continues to let herself out and back in, the point will be moot, and the kitchen may no longer be the bane of the great adventurer, Squeaker.

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