Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th Puppy Chew Toy

Spent a good half an hour with Samantha's pups this morning after feeding them. They come running to me when I sit on the floor and chew on me like their favorite toy. Their teeth are poking through the gums now and Samantha is not very enthusiastic about feeding them. It takes much persuasion to even get her to sit down inside the puppy enclosure which we have moved to the Kitchen to give them more room to romp and provide for easy floor cleanup.
Moon is a very happy puppy, and wags her tail any time I pet her. She plays a lot with the other puppies and doesn't seem to get roaring mean when the play doesn't go her way as some of the other puppies tend to do. She seems to be very people oriented like her mother, but happy and go-lucky like her father, the best of both I think. She also has the heavy build of her father and I think will make a great puller.
Most of the puppies have the heavy pulling build I really wanted out of Demon's line, so this has been a very successful litter in that respect. Only two of the pups seem to be dainty, and those are Squeaker and Xena. Those two, however, make up in looks and spunk. It is a toss up between Xena and Mitu as to who is the dominant puppy, and Squeaker, well, she's just real cute with her 3 white stripes on her forehead.
The male of the litter I've finally named Elvis, as he is getting fluffy like his father and looks to have the same black stand-out sideburns as he does. Elvis can get rather fussy and won't calm down until he's either picked up, or gets to suckle, but generally he's quite playful. He's not that fond of moistened puppy kibble, but will eat enough of it to satisfy his hunger if he's not able to get his fill from Samantha. The rest of the puppies will eat the kibble until full then play or fall asleep. They are so cute at this age! They will be 4 weeks old next wednesday.

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