Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18th, Snow in the Forecast!

1-2" of snow in the forecast for tonight. Here's hoping for a white Christmas!

Silver is the pup in the middle facing out and is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Her personality is just manifesting itself, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome. She's very affectionate, and loves to be petted. Her little tail wags a mile a minute when you are petting her, and she'll roll on her back and wiggle the whole time you pet her belly. The longer you pet her belly, it is like winding up a spring until she can't stand the exuberance any more! She rockets to her feet and bounces around like a toy dog, her tail wagging in circles until she comes back for more. She is such a happy affectionate little girl, and she loves to run around! She plays with all of the pups from both litters, and is probably the most social.

All of Freya's pups are starting to manifest definite personalitites. Brownie also is a very affectionate pup, but unlike Silver, he will patiently nibble at your fingers while you pet his belly. He loves to eat, and is in clear running with Silver for the biggest puppy. He loves to play with Samantha's pups, and singles out Mitu and Ace who are both his color. He hangs out with Ace most of all.

Face too, is a very affectionate pup, and loves to be petted. He's always on the go, though, and doesn't like to be still for too long. He's one of the best eaters of the litter as well and often is at the food or water dish. Originally he was the runt, but he's been gaining ground quickly and appears to be passing Buck in weight and muscle. Face is a happy pup, and generally amuses himself when not playing with the other pups. He too is very social, but loves to hang out with Xena or Elvis. He comes running, though, when I step in to the pen, and excitedly tries to climb up and lick my face along with all of Samantha's pups.

Flakes is only semi-social. He plays mosly with Cat or Silver, and occasionally Buck or Brownie. He won't seek out Samantha's pups, but will play with them if they come to him. He loves being petted and have his belly rubbed, but doesn't come seeking it like Silver, Face and Brownie.

Cat is fickle. Sometimes he likes to be petted, sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he plays with Samantha's pups, sometimes he runs away from them. He's always up for a tussle with Flakes or Buck, though, and will mingle with Silver and Brownie. He's not usually the first to the food, and sometimes doesn't come to drink the milk mix. He's still a big fat pup though, so I know he's being well fed.

Buck is an odd one. His light tan (buckskin) coloring set him apart from both litters. He's a narrow chested and narrow hipped pup, unlike his burly siblings and cousins. He is still coming in to his personality, but he has a very odd quirk. Buck doesn't bark, whine or howl like the other pups, he screams, albeit softly, when things don't go his way. It sounds almost like a young human saying "AH! AH! AH!" in a high pitched whistly voice. Buck hangs out with Face or Silver when they are around, but he mostly sticks close to his mommy, Freya. He will occasionally follow another pup around, seldomly play with Samantha's pups, but always close to first to the food or milk bowl.

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