Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th Freya and Samantha puppies

So I've been slowly introducing Freya's puppies to Samantha's and I had a startling revelation. Four of Freya's puppies are ginormous! They are two weeks behind in development, yet they are the same size as Samantha's! I was amazed and shocked to see this, as I hadn't really thought my petit little Freya would produce super-sized Siberian Huskies. Yukon is a big boy for a Siberian, and built like a grayhound. He is key to my speed on the team, but I did not figure he had genes to produce even bigger prodgeny. We will have to monitor these pups closely to see just how big they will get. If they turn out anything like their father or mother, these pups will be dynamite incarnate. :)

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