Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11th Jailbreak! Again, only 3am this time.

So it's 3am and I hear a puppy screaming for mom, only one puppy. As the grogginess begins to clear I also hear the pattering of little feet, much closer than they should be. With a yawn, I pull on my robe, turn on the light, and venture out towards the kitchen. Moon meets me half way, overjoyed. Chuckling, I pick her up and proceed in to the den area where Christmas and Squeaker are wrestling. I scoop up Christmas, and head to the kitchen hoping Squeaker is following. The gate is pushed back away from the cabinet, allowing free passage to all who figure it out. Poor Xena hadn't quite noticed that her freedom was a mere waltz away and she was howling for Samantha. Dropping off Moon and Christmas, I give her an encouraging pat and turn to fix the gate. Moon is faster and had already ran into the dining room while I was petting and calming Xena down.
With a sigh, I put the gate across the entrance, and turn to round up five wayward puppies. Fortunately, they were busy following Samantha around, so they weren't very hard to find. By 3:30 I had them all back safely in the pen, fed and beginning to nap. So following suit only seemed natural until Freya's puppies started up a ruckus. Good thing I love the little dears....

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