Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10th Jailbreak!

I just finished taking my shower and getting dressed this morning when I walked out in to the dining room and total chaos. Samantha had knocked the gate aside and we had six puppies running around on the carpet (#7 was sleeping peacefully). Luckily, they had all relieved themselves on the papers earlier, so there were no messes to clean up. But they were having the time of their lives exploring the new world. Demon was going from puppy to puppy to lick their faces, and Yukon sat by the door bewildered at the invasion before ducking out in to the safety of the falling snow. Samantha tried desperately to get away from the fanged and clawed mob that menaced her with threats of suckling. I found it rather humorous as I rounded up the pups and corralled them back in to the kitchen enclosure. The pups were not so amused and complained about being back in the boring kitchen. Even a bowl of moistened food did not pacify them, but eventually they calmed down and commenced to chewing on each other and the toys we have for their entertainment.

Seven puppies sure can make a mess fast, and thirteen in the kitchen is going to be a challenge. Time to fix up the barn with a heater and a doghouse or two for them to snuggle in to.

BTW the pic above is my favorite shot so far of Squeaker (being chewed on by Elvis). She is such a little doll! This shot really shows how beautiful she is as well as her great personality.

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