Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th Squeaker is the cutest thing

She has the greatest personality, and seems to be the most intelligent pup of the litter. Any time I step in to the kitchen she comes running for a petting with her little tail wagging like mad. She has quickly become my favorite with her soulful dark eyes.

She and Moon have mastered the art of escape already, and they can normally be found outside the kitchen barrier exploring the wide world of the living room and the oddly squishy but pleasing
carpet floor. Demon, their father, enjoys their presence and encourages their escapades by licking them over the barrier, then running like hell when they get out. Slowly he will come back if he figures he hasn't been blamed, and lick and try to play with the pups. He is a good daddy, if a bit mischievous. He is very gentle with them, but I don't let them stay out for too long. Carpet cleaning is a bit harder to scrub than linoleum.

Squeaker just makes my day though with her happy yip, bouncy gait, beautiful face and eyes, and gorgeous smoky coat. Her under-coat is black and the tips of her guard hairs are smoky gray. She is very pretty with her stripy forehead markings, and she loves to be held by grandma. She's not the biggest pup, but she makes up for it with intelligence and attitude. She loves the little tiger toy and the fuzzy squeaky toys, and usually can be found curled up with one of them when she's sleeping.

It will be incredibly hard to let any of these pups go. But my farm is only so big.

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