Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7th 2 Dog Run and ZOMG Snow!

Harnessed up Samantha, Demon and Yukon Sunday morning since Samantha was whining so pitifully when I put on Demon's and Yukon's harnesses. Since she is beginning to wean, I was going to take her for a short run to help get her back in to some conditioning. But even though I held back Yukon quite a bit, it was evident that she was not ready for his speed. After about a hundred yards, I stopped the team and unhooked her. She was so sad, but I didn't want her to get hurt or to frustrate Demon and Yukon too much. James came and walked her back to the house while I continued on with Yukon and Demon. We went about .75 of a mile since this was the first time back together as a team and with only two dogs out of the normal 4 I didn't want to stress them too much. Demon did fantastic, and was rather frustrated with Yukon wanting to chase squirrels. He has become a model sled dog since he was fixed! He is a real worker, and I think next time I will switch him in lead to see how he does. He has lost a little weight though, so I've gone back to feeding him moistened food and snacked both him and Yukon with some partially freezer burned hamburger patties. They both enjoyed that quite a bit.

The run, however, emphasized to me, just how out of shape I had become in the past month. Even though I've been out on the bike with Yukon, I haven't put any miles on the treadmill or running with the dogs, only walking. So, I've resolved to helping Samantha get back in to the swing of things by running with her every day after work. I was breathing very hard and sweating profusely despite the 25 degree temps after running up all the hills to help the two boys. Back to training for me... lol. After the run, I put up our christmas lights, and then went out shopping, spent waaayyy too much money, came back and put up the tree.

I also worked on reformatting the puppy video I took a week ago, but it seems too big to upload here. Maybe put it on youtube. If I do, I'll post the link.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sight, SNOW! Though it is only supposed to be a dusting and probably melt by evening, it was beautiful!

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