Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12th 28 paws x 4 nails +2 on some that still have dews on the front

Today was nail clipping day for Samantha's puppies. They all were good little pups. With them being so young, I generally use a human nail clipper that is very sharp so it won't pinch their nails. Being the smart person I am, I waited until they tired themselves out, and were sleeping for a good twenty minutes prior to waking them one at a time. Sleepy puppies are easier to clip than wiggly ones. Jim held each one while I stretched their toes and nipped off the curved nails a sliver after the pink quick. The puppies were then treated to a couple of strips of turkey lunchmeat for being good sports and settled back in to their favorite sleeping spots.

Freya's pups have joined Samantha's in the kitchen last night, only separated by a low fence so the bigger puppies don't pick on the younger ones. It took them about thirty minutes to settle in to the new digs, but once napped the puppies seemed to accept their new home. Freya though, took a lot more convincing and kept us up most of the night with her antics. Sigh.

The vet called us today and said they were kind of busy, but we really didn't need to bring the puppies in for another two weeks for their first shots. So we rescheduled for the Monday after Christmas.

Took a couple of the pups out yesterday evening. Squeaker had the time of her life, but Moon got cold rather quickly, so we took her back in and let Squeaker romp around for a bit. The boys were ecstatic to have a pup so eager to play with them, but Yukon got a little too boysterous for Squeaker, and I had to interfere before he got too rough. Squeaker loved it though and didn't yet realize the danger she might have been in. All in all, she had a great time for the thirty minutes of 27 degree F weather she endured.

Today was much warmer, 45 degrees, so I asked my son to take the pups out two at a time to see how they do. Unfortunately I had to work, but want the pups to get in outdoor time.

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