Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th War Zone!

Samantha's and Freya's pups are now settled in the kitchen. We've kept them separate simply because Samantha's pups are older, more coordinated, and, well, a little rougher on each other than Freya's pups. It took some time for Freya to realize her puppies were in the kitchen and not hiding under my bed... But, she finally got the idea by Sunday morning.

I'm so happy that Samantha and Freya have been getting along! I had fully expected them both to be overly protective of their pups and possibly get in to it over the young'uns, but they've been very social to each other and even going so far as to care for each other's pups. This has made me very happy and been a nice surprise for a change.

Sunday, I removed the barrier to clean the floor and lay down fresh papers and puppy pads (an on-going exercise only with mopping once a day), and both sets of pups were allowed to mingle. It was cute to watch them cautiously regard each other. I only had to break up two play matches when one of Samantha's pups got a bit rough on one of Freya's, but other than that, they had fun playing with eachother.

Took Moon and Squeaker for another outing Sunday. They had fun exploring, but even though it was 45 degrees (F), Moon still got cold after about fifteen minutes, so took them back in. Then I spent a couple of hours scooping the yard before changing out papers in the kitchen.

After cleaning the kitchen again, I took my son shopping for a few things for Christmas. We picked up some shrimp for dinner, and baclava for desert. James and I played a couple of rounds on the Wii, then I cleaned papers again and put up the barrier between the pups for the night. Unfortunately, I only ended up with about four hours of sleep, so will probably take a nap after running with Samantha and dinner.

Samantha has nearly ceased milk production, so her pups are almost fully on moistened puppy kibble mixed with puppy milk powder. Freya's pups are just beginning to eat moistened kibble with milk powder. Of course this causes a few difficulties for Freya, as Samantha's pups want to suckle from her, which we have been trying to keep them from doing while the barrier is not in place. Not always easy, but Freya appreciates it. The only issue Freya has is with Samantha's pups trying to eat her food. I've had to chastise her once for snapping at a pup, and she got the message, but I've kept the pups from her food while she is eating anyway. Certainly do not want any mishaps. Other than that it has been surprisingly peaceful.

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