Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14th Crating

Brownie has decided that the crate is his, and his alone. He adores going in it and playing with the toys without the other pups bothering him. He will play in there for close to half an hour at a time, almost unaware when I've shut the door. When he wants back out, he paws at the gate and I immediately let him out. Since he likes it in there so much, it is time to train him the meaning of the words "In your crate." Started training him this last night and he picked it up very quickly.
Christmas too, loves the crate and the special toys that are hidden inside. She and Brownie are the furthest along. Moon has gotten the idea that there are cool toys in there that she can't have outside the crate, but is not overly fond that she doesn't notice when you close the door. She sat in the crate last night for ten minutes after watching me close the door, so she is making good progress. Next step is setting up a crate in my room and getting one of the pups to spend the night there. This will obviously have to be a weekend deal. Don't get enough sleep as it is on the weeknights.

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