Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22nd Of Mud, More Mud and Puppies!

The ground is still soup, the temps are still in the 40's and 50's, and the mud keeps getting deeper not only outside, but the pups and the dogs have done their best to bring their slice of nature inside.
The area rug we had by the back door is saturated with muck, and the beds we had for them are becoming clay bricks. 4x60lbs of sand have not really made a dent in the muck, so it is off to the hardware store again this weekend after Freya's pups get their shots.
So, in order to clean the house back to some state of livability, the dog door is getting removed until the ground dries up. This will also help us keep our escape artist confined. Of course after tonight she may not want to get out any more (finally recovered enough to take her out on the bike). The pups are being shown the house built for them in the barn at the bottom of the hill in the yard. When I was in there over the weekend, they had a ball playing in the house. Little did they know that was to be their future abode. This will be temporary until the temps dip again or the ground dries out and we don't have to worry about caked mud by the dog door.
Hopefully next paycheck, we will be able to order our new shed to keep the lawn tractor, bike, cart, harnesses and other tools in. It will also be nice to get some storage space which is in short supply in this new house.

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