Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25th Muddy Puppies are a LOT of work!

It has been raining for nearly a straight week, I have about a foot of mud everywhere (not reflected in this photo). Farms are very muddy places to be when the rains come despite the amount of sand and straw I have put down in the dog yard. I think the sand sank to the bottom of the mud pit, and all the mud surfaced attracted by the four footed magnets, all 17 of them (12 puppies and 5 adults). My septic tank is probably half full of mud from constantly washing down puppies and dogs, and steam vaccuming my carpets.

My day Saturday went something like this: Watch puppies from 2am to 5am, get 3 more hours of sleep, get up, wash 6 puppies (takes approximately an hour and 45 mins) and dry them, let them romp around my room and cleanup after them while Jim takes shower, have Jim watch puppies romp around my room while I take a shower, load puppies in the back of the truck (takes approximately thirty minutes chasing them down and pulling them out from under my bed), take puppies to the vet for 8 week shots and worming, swing by the local feed store while Jim is with vet and puppies, pick up 12 puppy collars, small snap leash and treats, get back to vet and load puppies (approximately ten minutes with the help of the vet techs), drive home, unload puppies, attach collars to puppies and adjust for fit, let puppies out into the muddy yonder (which they enjoyed to the fullest, sometimes I think we are raising little piggies as much as they eat and love the mud!), clean up puppy enclosure, vacuum puppy enclosure, steamvac puppy enclosure, hose spray-down area rug, steamvac area rug, (by this time it was about 6pm), collapse in a chair to eat dinner, rest for two hours while the rug dried, reassemble puppy enclosure, put down pads, beds, toys, and blankets, let puppies back in, moan in agony as puppies muddy and mess up all the work you did for the last 12+hours (took about ten minutes), stare in despondent desperation from the puppy enclosure to the tv and back until 2am, wake up son for puppy watch, go to bed.

Winter time is a very bad time of year to have puppies. This is my learned wisdom. Good thing I love the little rascals.

But now is time to start the process of finding good homes for them. So, if you know anyone interested in sled-bred Siberian Huskies that are very smart, very well socialized puppies that have been trained to sit and are in the process of learning to be housebroken, don't hesitate to contact me at zharrlord at yahoo dot com. All of the cuties except Christmas, Moon the white-gray, and Princess, the brown-eyed beauty are up for sale. All Samantha puppies and Freya puppies have 6 and 8 weeks shots and worming . Samantha puppies are 10 weeks old, have all papers and puppy books up to date: Elvis (male gray and white), Xena (female black and white), and Ace (female red and white). Freya puppies are 9 weeks old with all papers and puppy books up to date: Face (male gray and white), Buck (male red and white), Brownie (male red and white), Cat (male black and white) Flake (male black and white) and Silver (female gray and white).

Both sets of puppies are healthy with no noted genetic problems and will be guaranteed for a year (12 months from date of purchase). Both sets of puppies have parents on premisis and they are hard to miss. ;-) Yukon and Samantha love visitors. Freya and Demon are a bit more reserved.

Puppies will be discounted with a neuter contract.

So, now with that off my chest, onwards and upwards and back to training! Freya, Yukon, Demon and I are getting ready hopefully for the Music City Dryland Challenge! Depending on how our training goes, we will probably just watch the races, or maybe bikejor.

I'm excited! I want to make this race even just to watch, as it is in the neighborhood of a friend and co-worker, and is closer than any event so far!

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