Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6th Princess Squeaker

Has endeared herself into everyone's heart at the house. And er... no... um... she's not spoiled one bit... er... well maybe a little. She is such a personable little pup, and one very smart cookie. She knows what a treat jar looks like and will hop on her hind legs beneath the jar and whine for a treat, her tail going a mile a minute. She will sit and lay down, and fairly soon, I'm sure she will do about anything for a marrow treat. She will make an excellent obedience and agility prospect even if she doesn't make the size for conformation.

We have joked around that her mother Samantha is Queen Bitch of the house, it only makes sense she had a spoiled little Princess. Although Moon is vying for that title, she's not nearly as spoiled as Squeaker, mainly because Squeaker is so people oriented and Moon is more play and pack oriented. Moon's focus is more on running and playing than petting and treats. Though she does enjoy her belly rubs and cuddles, they aren't her primary drive.

Elvis is still a sweetheart, and loves to cuddle, but he hasn't let it go to his head.

Christmas on the other hand, is becoming nearly as spoiled as Squeaker. She will whine and jump for attention until you pick her up and carry her around for a while. She adores being held, which is fine while she is a puppy, but she's growing fast. She thinks she's a lap dog, and it's all about being held and carried around.

Xena is the oddball, and though she loves attention when SHE wants it, she will sometimes get annoyed if you touch or pick her up when she is sleepy. Xena is all about running and playing. It doesn't matter which set of puppies she socializes with, or if it is the big boys, Freya or mom (Samantha). Playing with other dogs and running her heart out is what Xena lives for. I really hope we find a Mushing home for her, as she will make an excellent sled dog, but not really a great companion dog. I've been working with her to try to break her of the habit of growling when she is picked up while sleeping, but it is an indication that her focus is not people oriented as the other puppies are. This would make her a dog not meant for a family with children, but she would probably thrive as a sled or working dog.

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