Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20th Of Mud, Bricks and Dogs!

Yup, she's a beauty, but also a pain in the butt sometimes. The ground became soup over the weekend, been in the 40's and 50's (yeah I know, in January! I keep having visions of the polar ice caps melting). This has made the ground extremely malable to husky claws, and Samantha has decided that she can't stand living another day without the taste of fresh rabbit. Yup, she's after the two we have been feeding, and a little six foot chain fence lined with bricks is not going to stop her, no sir! I still have no idea how she manages to wriggle out a hole that a mouse would have second thoughts about, but somehow she bends spacetime and gets her butt out the tiny holes.
I guess some of this has been my fault, I've been too sick to run them to exhaustion the past few days. This has left time and energy on her hands, and any husky owner will tell you, a rested husky is just itching for mischief. I'm only glad that Samantha seems to be the only one bound and determined to escape. The boys and Freya are perfectly happy bouncing around the yard and playing with the puppies. Why can't Samantha be content in the yard? Sigh...

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