Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28th Princess

She is such a pretty little girl. This morning she jumped the enclosure fence and ran and jumped into my arms. She smiled as I held and pet her for a few minutes, just happy to be with me. I'm pretty sure she knows she's staying with us. This weekend, in-between cleaning the house, scooping the yard, and mushing the dogs, we will be working on 'down stay' and heel. She is already good at 'down', so teaching stay and heel will be the tricky part. With her prancy gait, soulful eyes, beautiful markings, pretty head and shoulders, she will make a great show prospect. Her long legs and energy will probably make for a good sled dog too! She got wound up yesterday and was like a little lightning bolt zipping through the house.
There is a natural pup race track in my house. It is open running from the dining room, to the den, to the living room, to the kitchen and back in to the dining room. The pups race around this central track for hours when they get the chance, or sometimes just race in to my room, in to the living room, and onto the slick kitchen floor and slide. It's almost as much fun to watch them.

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