Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15th I Want My Toys!

Brownie has become quite the character these days. He just loves playing in the crate. Last night when I came home, he cried and cried until I came over to pick him up. He was so excited, and loved on me for about three or four minutes, but I was only an excuse I think. When he felt he had paid enough attention to me, he wiggled and wiggled to get free. I put him on the floor and he made a bee-line for the crate! Pawing at the door he looked at me pathetically, and I opened the door for him after telling him "In your crate". With delight, he hopped into the middle of the crate, plopped down and started picking up toys and arranging them around him in a circle. He then proceeded to chew on every one of them until he settled on the squeaking dog. Not to be left out, Christmas began to howl, and did the same routine, lick my face for a couple minutes then struggle to be let down. Bee-line to the crate! She settled herself down next to Brownie, and the two of them played with the toys in the crate for almost an hour.
When they were done playing, they gladly went back in to the puppy enclosure, out the dog-door and outside to do their business. What good puppies!
Face too, is getting rather personable and quite the gentleman. He will patiently sit near the fence and "rowrlroo" if he doesn't get the attention he wants. He won't jump or nip, but patiently let you know he wants to be petted and fawned over. He is growing in to one beautiful pup, and has learned that manners get him treats. Hence he is very well mannered. When the other puppies mob and jump for treats, he sits back patiently and lowly puppy howls for your attention to let you know that he is sitting pretty and deserves whatever you have to offer. He's such a good boy.
Today we finally settled on a Kennel and team name for our recreational mushing team. Since Asgard Kennels is already in use, we decided on Wyrd Kennels and Team Wyrd. :D Kind of suits us.

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