Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5th Puppy Prison Break!

Hehe, as the title suggests, the kitchen confinement didn't quite work out the way it was intended. When Jim got home, only four of Freya's pups were still in the enclosure. The rest had a hay-day in the house with no humans to interfere for 2 full hours. Luckily, nothing but cleanup was required afterwards.

Jim reset the enclosure to our secondary (Plan B) setup, and let them run around in it until he had to get our son from college. This setup seemed to work out much better and was more satisfying to the puppies and to us. Basically he fenced in the dining room table/breakfast nook they love to sleep under, the area rug coming in to the room from the back door, all the way over to the video and CD rack. This allowed the puppies to jump in and out of the dog door to the outside porch and back, and left G'kar in the main house to himself, much to his relief. Since this seemed to work so well, he left them in that configuration when he picked up James.

All was good upon his return, so this may become a permanent arrangement.

Pondering Mitu's rehoming, it seems she did not do very well the first couple of nights in a crate, so we may start crate training the pups this weekend. We only have two large crates though, so we may have to work with them three to a crate for Samantha pups until they are re-homed, then we will work in Freya's pups.

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