Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27th Demon

Such a handsome boy. I'm very pleased with his weight now. If anyone read my blog about March of last year, Demon came to us almost starved to death. Every rib, vertibrea and bone was easily traceable by hand. He was suffering from whip worms and definitely not fed nearly enough even if he didn't have worms, and if we had not picked him up when we did, he probably would not have survived another month. Demon is the father of Samantha's puppies, and he is such a warm cuddly fuzzy bear to me. However, he is very shy towards everyone else. Never aggressive, just timid shy, he is finally coming up to Jim when I'm not there to be petted once in a while. Demon normally will not come in the house unless I coax him in, but once in, loves to be right up next to me wherever I go, including when I go to sleep. Demon has been fixed after fathering Samantha's litter, and it has made a huge difference in his sledding work ethic. He has become a fantastic puller instead of a mediocre one, but I worry about taking him to events. If he ever got loose at an event I would probably never see him again, as he would shy away from everyone. So I'm torn regarding his future participation. I need him on the team, but fear losing him. I would be devastated if anything ever happened to him.
Samantha on the otherhand is friendly to one and all, but is a mediocre puller at best, probably due to a former injury as she runs stiffly lame until she warms up a bit. I never take her far as one, her fastest pace is a jog I can keep up with, and two, I don't want to risk further injury.
This leaves me with a choice of Freya or Yukon for the race next month. Freya would be ideal, but she is kind of shy, (although that has changed dramatically since she had pups) and is just finishing up nursing, so is a bit out of shape and not ready. So, down to Yukon for the race. He's in top physical condition, but not my best for following directions (that would be Freya). Ah well, we are training up for the race, and hopefully he will become more attentive. Yukon is also my fastest dog, and a very impressive sight when he runs. I've never clocked him, so I really don't know how fast he is, I only know that I have to hang on for dear life when he gets it in his head to 'move out'! It is a joy to see and experience, the best thrill ride ever! In order to train myself, though, I take out all four dogs one at a time, as I need to be in training more than they do.
Purchase items for the race will be a better bike (the one I have has served me well and the best $10 I ever spent, but it probably isn't race safe) and a drop line. I'm pretty sure we have about everything else I need, but I'm going to prepare a checklist, and hopefully get some input on it from veteran racers prior to the event. Wish me luck!

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