Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4th Back to the Grind

It has been a tough couple of days since Valkrys' absence. But the puppies help ease the pain.

Sunday I took Freya for her first run since she had puppies and she was rearing to go! I had to hold her down to 3/4 of a mile since she needs to gradually ease back in to things. This seemed to annoy her and she wanted to do more. When I took Samantha out later to run down the road and back for about 1/2 mile run Freya howled and whined at the gate the whole time.

Today I had to return to work and tomorrow James goes back to the college schedule which will leave the puppies unattended for a few hours every day. So we are debating on confining them back in the kitchen during those times, or down in the heated barn. If they go to the barn, they will not be brought back up until James gets out of school, as Jim with his handicap could not bring them up the hill on his own. Most likely they will be confined in the kitchen again which will probably annoy them a lot but it is the safest bet.

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