Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10th 3am alarm!

I know now that none of us will ever sleep through the smoke alarm. If the sound of the alarm wasn't enough, 17 dogs howling and screaming is enough to wake the dead! Fortunately it was a false alarm, as one of our sensors seems to be malfunctioning. Goodness what a racket, though!
With the trip to NC and the sheer volume of work caring for puppies on top of a 40+ hour workweek I don't think I'll be racing this weekend, or if I do it will only be for fun. Too worn out and not enough training in. I do think, though, I'lll head down with a couple of puppies and day-trip it. Elvis and Xena will probably be my two candidates. Going to have to plan carefully and take food, water, samples, paperwork, treats, kennel, leashes, bowls, etc. Should be a blast, and hopefully make some new friends and find the two pups some good homes with mushers or people who want to get in to dog powered sports.

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