Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2nd Meltdown (the snow that is)

This is a typical pose for Elvis. He is a very laid back, easy-going pup, even though he is the biggest of the litter. A gentle giant is he, and always up for a cuddle. Any time I sit in with the puppies, he is either in my lap or lying with his head on my lap. He is such a sweetheart! If he's feeling lonely, he will half yowl-howl (sounds sort of like "yawooool-uh", a long pause to listen and then again) until someone comes to pet him. If no one comes after a while, he'll jump out and look for someone to cuddle with. He gets along great with all the pups and has patience to spare, but when he wants to run, he can race the wind!

Elvis is a great pup, and it will be a sad day for us when he finds a new home and a lucky new owner. He would be good for nearly any home that can take care of a husky's needs. He has a 'soft' mouth when taking treats, and rarely paws or jumps up. Did I mention he loves to cuddle? He's such a handsome boy too, and he is showing one of the unusual traits of his line, freckles. Freckles, soulful blue eyes, charm and a good singer, yup, that's our Elvis.

The snow has once again melted away... sigh... This weather is getting crazy. -2 to 40 in 3 days. What is this world coming to?

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